Gary Bennett is the business advisor your
top managment needs during change and challenge.

Gary Bennett, CEO, North Star Ltd.

Gary R. Bennett, through North Star LTD, brings significant expertise in the areas of business integration, new business set up, operational implementation coupled with a strong network of the regulatory, geographic and governance requirements over many multi market projects across Asia, Australia and North America.

We provide operational and implementation support for Life Insurance Companies in Asia during and following acquisition, business integration, merger, sale and significant change. Gary R. Bennett offers hands on support to businesses and the executive leadership teams to help them enable the success and rapid progress of their business. Ensuring and providing strong support, stability with additional expertise and capacity during the challenging times that every business faces.




  • Internal and External Communications

  • Leadership and Development

  • Human Resources Reviews and Support

  • Market Entry and Exit

  • Business Rationalisation

  • Right Sizing

  • Executive Transition Support

  • Non Executive Directorship

  • Shareholder Advisory and Reviews

Gary Bennett is an inspirational leader, who leads by example and points out the difficult choices – and why you should make them.

Brad Emery, CEO, The Aimviva Travel Club

I had the good fortune of working under Gary’s leadership for a couple of years.His effusive personality and inspiring style left an impact on many. Gary Bennett gave us a lot of space and empowerment to be at our best. His ability to connect with Agents was legendary and his mantra of, “ If not us then who and if not now then when”, motivated us to continue to excel. He left behind many fond memories including his outstanding fielding ability in the slip position!

Rajit Mehta, CEO & Managing Director, Antara Senior Living

I have had the privilege to work with Gary Bennett over the past 15 years in a range of business cycles from developing new markets, growing businesses through innovation, managing downturns and divesting business operations. Through all our adventures Gary has been a constant inspiration and mentor, demonstrating a unique balance of visionary leadership and compassion. He is a master of business turn-around and transformation and has a well- deserved reputation for being someone who will step up and take on a challenge. Gary Bennett has always been a champion of the people he leads and is a proponent, and practitioner, of diversity and meritocracy. Given his extensive network of experts and ease of transition to new opportunities I believe he makes a invaluable contribution in any capacity, and in particular as senior leader, business advisor or consultant.

Shauna Collingwood, Strategy, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Marketing Officer

Gary Bennett is a consummate insurance professional and significant value creator. Always earned great respect from Boards, Partners, management teams and, most importantly, distribution systems covering many market access points. Extremely strategic as well as hands-on operationally in execution. Truly a pleasure to work with, especially in 24/7 times!

Joe Gilmour, Insurance Executive

Gary Bennett is an insightful and passionate executive who brings a unique perspective to the insurance space from all angles — as a strategic and collaborative board member, a former CEO, and as a hands on field leader. Gary understands first hand what it takes for an insurance company to thrive in the digital world and would bring immediate value to any organization he chooses to engage with.

Chris Blunt, President and CEO, Fidelity & Guaranty Life

Gary Bennett has the impressive experience of being a CEO in thirteen different counties. Each time he accomplished the mission and left the company far better then he found it. His business acumen is matched by his unique ability to relate to employees at all levels, and his sound judgment.

John Baier, Chairman and Co-Founder, 25 Point Systems, Inc.
Gary Bennett is a CEO’s CEO. After producing strong results across many companies , countries, and cultures – and as a Regional CEO and Business CEO – you KNOW it is not an accident. Gary combines great expertise and respect for every aspect of the business model from finance to risk to technology but he never forgets the true source of value — his people. Gary’s passion is building great leaders to such an extent that he is always looking to work his way out of a job and handover the reins to an amazing management bench! No one get more results, respect, and appreciation from their team than Gary. Further, Gary is a greatly sought after board member, mentor, and consultant with a passion for technology and turnarounds. I highly recommend Gary for any role requiring head, heart, and leadership.
Robert Epner, CEO & Founder,
I had the pleasure of working with Gary while he was EVP of the Greater China region at New York Life International. Gary is an outstanding leader, displaying courage, passion, and caring in difficult situations while focusing on achievement of an organization’s business objectives. He infuses market and customer input into the development of business strategies and systematically thinks of ways to challenge conventional thinking whether it be through product innovation, alternate distribution opportunities, or new business models that deliver greater value to customers. I found working with him stimulating and engaging, and whether he’s operating as an executive, interim-leader, or consultant, he’d be an outstanding addition to any team currently seeking to either improve their performance or capitalize upon new market opportunities in the life insurance or asset management sectors in Asia.
John Dippold, Growth Leader, Insurtech | Fintech

I have had the privilege of undertaking assignments for Gary Bennett on a number of occasions and locations, including Japan, Hong Kong and India. Without doubt, Gary is one of the most experienced and respected leaders across the financial services landscape in Asia. He is talented strategically and his leadership skills are clearly demonstrated where he has led significant developments and projects to completely revitalise businesses. Gary Bennett is a “people person” who takes the time to invest in and grow talent within his management teams and has a well deserved personal following of such individuals across the industry.

David Christensen, Marketing/Business Consultant, Company Director at Multiple Companies

Gary Bennett is a dynamic leader, visionary, mentor and a down to earth humble person. His indepth knowledge, passion and understanding of the insurance business is just amazing. He is the person who will be remembered for his contribution to the insurance industry for centuries. A true leader deserves a salute.

Umesh Jhawar, VP, Arihant Superstructures Ltd

I’ve know Gary Bennett since 1998 and have always admired his energy, tenacity, positive attitude and easy going style. Nothing is too hard for Gary and he engenders great loyalty from his staff. His track record of business growth across Asia speaks for itself.

Brian Moore Global QSR, Casual Dining CxO, Executive Search specialist across Asia